When I finally sit down to write, headphones are a must; since much like a squirrel or other small woodland creature, I am easily distracted. (I can hear the television from four rooms over and will absolutely hone in on it.) Early on I was tempted to construct elaborate playlists that inspired me, songs with lyrics and tones that fit what I was writing about. And almost immediately I realized how flawed that plan was. Unless I play a single song on repeat that matches the scene I’m currently working on, there is no way my playlist is going to coincide with what I’m doing. And having an upbeat track pumping during a funeral march can be a little detrimental to the whole process when you get right down to it.

Additionally, (and this might be specific to me, personally) I find that writing to music with words can be a little distracting in and of itself. The easy fix was to switch to instrumental music, but I still had the problem of mismatched tones. The solution bled over one of my other major life interests: video games! Video game soundtracks make the perfect work-mode background music in their very design. Most game scores are purposely made not to distract but to actually advocate focus and concentration. I did a little research to find the best candidates and stumbled upon this list IGN put together last year.

I picked a few likely candidates and hopped on Spotify , splicing together the OSTs from Fez, Bastion, Transistor, and voila! The perfect focus playlist!

If you’re looking for some background noise while you work (even if you don’t come from a gaming background) I highly recommend checking some of these soundtracks out!

Happy writing! Or gaming. Or whatever!

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