So let’s start with a plan, shall we? I love making lists and plans; just like I love buying office supplies. It’s the illusion of productivity. It feels like I’ve already accomplished something! But in all seriousness, it’s generally a lot easier to hit a goal if you actually set one. And the clearer the parameters, the harder it is for me to justify NOT accomplishing it. So without further ado, my writing goals for 2016!


This is a multifaceted goal made up of smaller milestone markers.

Step 1: Finish on my rough draft. This means pure writing and absolutely no editing. Learning to resist the urge to go back and read what I’ve written and start tinkering has been an incredibly freeing experience. If I had to give one single piece of advice to struggling writers like myself, that would be it. KEEP WRITING AND DON’T LOOK BACK. It’s the easiest way to make consistent progress. Editing is an entirely different step and I’ll get there when the draft is done and not before. (or there probably won’t be a draft!)

For the month of February I wanted to hit 20,000 words but with only a few days left,  I’ll be lucky to hit 10K. There were too many days where I couldn’t seem to find time to sit down and write (this is my biggest problem and I haven’t found a good solution, but more on that later) and some days where I spent my writing time working on background, world-building, and additional plot work instead. However, since I have this Monday off, I’m going to channel my inner English student and write as much as I can before the ‘due date’ and we’ll see just how close to that lofty 20k I can get.

The plan is to finish the rough draft by the end of March. I don’t know exactly how long it will be till I’m finished, but I’m aiming for that typical 50k mark. That means I’ll probably have another 15k or so to write by month’s end.

After that it’s a marathon of editing and rewriting till I’m satisfied! Having never had to edit a piece this large, I’m not sure of how much time to budget, but my gut is to assume a month. That would put me at May with a finished, polished piece.

After that? It’s hard to say, exactly. The site Inkshares has caught my eye. It’s a crowdfunding site for publishing. (think a kickstarter for books) And the preorder goals to get published seem pretty reasonable. If I’m happy with how the novel turns out, that’s probably where I’ll take it. But there’s still a lot to do before I reach that point.

Well, let’s get to it!

Have any suggestions, advice, words of encouragement? Feel free to lay it on me!


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